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The 15 Modern & Stylish Shags Hairstyle You Can Try!

Shag hairstyles have made a comeback in recent years, offering a modern and stylish option for those looking to add texture and movement to their hair. Shags Hairsytle is a well-known hairstyle that many renowned pop-music artists rocked. This hairstyle was most popular with Anthony, Bruno Mascolo & Chrissie Hynde. Now, this 70s & 80s hairstyle is trending back with more popularity & now it can even be tried on all kinds of hair, and textures. Shags Hairstyle is a funky, loose & low-maintenance hairstyle. Moreover, one gets a whole lot of options to style the shaggy cut. 

With their layered and tousled look, shags can provide a fresh and edgy vibe to any hair length or texture. In this blog post, we will explore fifteen modern and stylish shag hairstyles that you can try. From short and choppy shags to long and layered styles, these versatile looks will inspire you to embrace the shag trend and elevate your hair game.

So this article is focused on Shag haircuts 70s, their history & different shaggy women’s haircut. Moreover, we will also mention how to style shaggy haircuts. 

What is Shags Hairstyle?

Shags hairstyle is a very casual, rock’n-roll type haircut that looks very loose & free. In, the shags hairstyle, the hair ends are choppy, layers come around the crown & there is a lot of texture in the hair. 

The modern shaggy hairstyle has the same high texture, choppy ends, but it does not make you look like a shag haircut 70s. Today’s shag haircut works on all hair lengths, types & textures. 

Moreover, one can style the shag cut as per their liking & can even do experiments like highlighting, color streaking, etc. 

Many Hollywood celebrities have rocked this hairstyle recently. Here are the pics:

This shaggy hairstyle is on-trend once again due to several reasons. Firstly, in work-from-home culture, women were used to the casual approach to fashion & hairstyle. This led to the ‘effortless’ shaggy hairstyle. 

Secondly, women find this hairstyle easy to do, and suitable for all hair lengths, so that’s how the shaggy hairstyle became a trend again. 


Shaggy Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths

Shaggy Hair cut is suitable for all hair lengths, i.e., short, medium & long. But in short & medium hair-length hair, shags come out as perfect & best. Here is how a shag hairstyle looks for different hair lengths:

Short Length Shag Hair Style:

Short-length shags are best as one can have a lot of layers in their hair. The layers get on the face & frame the face to make out shag look better. Moreover, the layers in the back give a uniform look without giving too much volume. 

Medium Length Shag Hair Style:

For medium hair length, shag allows a person to have a lot of layers. Thus, one can get the volume as per the look they want. With more layers, the hair will be lightened & will have a lot of volume. 

Long Length Shag Hair Style:

On long hair, shag can be achieved, but it will be challenging to get more layers with long-length hair. But with layers, the long hair will look great & messy, as per shaggy style. 


15 Special Shaggy Women Haircut To Try

Here are the most trendy shaggy women’s haircuts to try on in 2021:

1) Curly Layered Shaggy Hair for Mid-length Hair

Introducing the captivating Medium-Length Curly Shag, a modern take on the classic shag hairstyle. This dynamic look features textured layers that add a touch of effortless glamour to your hair. The intentional messiness contributes to the overall allure, creating a style that is both relaxed and beautiful. The incorporation of curls not only enhances the layers but also brings a playful and carefree vibe to the hairstyle. The inclusion of curly bangs at the front completes the look, making it an ideal choice for individuals with naturally curly hair. This chic and versatile shag is perfect for those seeking a stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyle that exudes confidence and flair.

2) Long Hair Shaggy women’s Haircut style

Long Hair Shaggy women's Haircut style

Behold the allure of Long Shags, a hairstyle that transforms your locks into a stunning display of layered beauty. Witness the dramatic change from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’ of the shag cut, showcasing the transformative power of this style. With gracefully textured layers on the sides and complemented by bangs at the front, the long shag exudes a sense of timeless elegance. What makes it even more appealing is its ease of management, providing a perfect blend of style and practicality.

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3) Medium Two-Layer Cut Shag

Medium Two-Layer Cut Shag

Step into modern elegance with the Two-Layer Shag, a twist on the classic that brings contemporary flair to your hairstyle. This chic rendition features beautifully layered hair adorned with balayage coloring, creating a visually stunning and voluminous effect. The balayage technique enhances the lushness and shape of the shag, elevating its beauty to new heights. If you’re seeking a modern look that combines sophistication with a touch of playfulness, the Two-Layer Shag is the perfect choice. Discover the fusion of timeless style and contemporary trends in this captivating exploration of a modern shag with a delightful twist.

4) Feminine Feathered Shaggy Women Haircut

Feminine Feathered Shaggy Women Haircut

Indulge in the allure of the Copper-Toned Shag, a hairstyle that exudes warmth and sophistication. With a center part and feathered waves, this shag is a perfect blend of femininity and simplicity. The copper hue adds a touch of richness and elegance, enhancing the overall appeal. Elevate the mystique with long bangs, creating a sensual peek-a-boo effect as they gracefully fall in front of your eyes. This hairstyle not only captures attention but also offers ease of styling, making it a versatile choice for those seeking both glamour and practicality. Embrace the chic and radiant vibes of the Copper-Toned Shag for a look that seamlessly combines modern style with timeless grace.

5) Layered Ashy Blonde Shags

Revitalize your look with the Mid-Length Shag featuring layers of ash blonde highlights, injecting a dose of intrigue into this classic haircut. To elevate its sassiness and chic appeal, add a touch of wave to the styling, creating a dynamic and playful aura. The ash-blonde highlights provide depth and dimension, making each layer stand out with a subtle yet stylish contrast. This versatile style is particularly well-suited for those with thin to medium-textured hair, allowing for easy maintenance and a breezy, carefree vibe. Embrace the fusion of classic charm and contemporary flair with the Mid-Length Shag, an ideal choice for those seeking a vibrant and spirited hairstyle that stands out with grace and style.

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6) Classic Shag

Classic Shag

Achieve an effortlessly chic look with the Soft Bends, Parted Curtain Bangs, and Fluffy Ends combo, a perfect recipe for a laid-back yet stylish hairstyle. The soft bends add a touch of natural movement, while the curtain bangs frame the face gracefully, exuding a relaxed and trendy vibe. The fluffy ends contribute to the overall texture, creating a dynamic and carefree appearance. To master this style, a bit of setting is required, but once perfected, you can confidently rock this look anywhere, anytime. Take inspiration from Hollywood star Chloë Grace Moretz, who flawlessly embraced and showcased the charm of this shag hairstyle, making it a timeless choice for those who appreciate casual elegance and Hollywood glamour.

7) Wispy Brunette Shags Hairstyle

Wispy Brunette Shags Hairstyle

Indulge in a nostalgic journey with the Shag Haircut ’70s-inspired hairstyle, reviving the retro vibes of the ’70s and ’80s. This look is perfect for those who appreciate the timeless and carefree styles of the past. Channeling the spirit of rock music, this hairstyle offers a blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair. If you’re a fan of the iconic looks from the ’70s and ’80s, this hairstyle is a must-try for capturing the essence of that era. Dive into our article for more cute hairstyle ideas, and embrace the retro chic with this throwback-inspired shag cut.

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8) Fun Razored Shag for Straight Hair

Fun Razored Shag for Straight Hair

Step into a realm of stylish contrasts with the Straight Jet Black Shag Cut, a perfect choice for women seeking a balance between tomboyish charm and feminine allure. Tailored for those with straight, jet-black hair, this shaggy hairstyle boasts a tonal crown and gracefully arched bangs, expertly framing your face for a beautifully structured appearance. Embrace its face-framing characteristics, and you’ll find yourself captivated by the subtle blend of tomboyish vibes and undeniable cuteness. This versatile cut offers a unique and chic look that seamlessly combines elements of boldness and femininity, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate a touch of edgy elegance.

9) Blonde Bob Shags hairstyle

Blonde Bob Shags hairstyle

Indulge in the allure of the Shaggy Blonde Bob, a captivating hairstyle characterized by its choppy texture and transformative impact on fine, straight hair. The whitish hue not only imparts a trendy and contemporary look but also serves to neutralize your skin tone, creating a harmonious and flattering overall appearance. The long wispy bangs introduce a touch of femininity, enhancing the allure of this chic and playful style.

With its ability to add fullness and volume to straight hair, this shaggy blonde bob offers a dynamic and stylish solution for those looking to elevate their hair game. Step into a world of texture and sophistication, where each strand contributes to the overall charisma of this modern and flattering blonde bob.

10) Side-Parted Layered Bob Shaggy Women Haircut

Embrace the timeless elegance of the Shag Haircut with its versatile appeal, suitable for both straight and curly preferences. This classic hairstyle achieves a beautiful texture by gracefully sweeping layers to the side, adding a touch of modernity to its inherent charm. Whether you choose a sleek, straight look or opt for bouncy curls, the shag’s adaptability ensures a stylish appearance for any occasion. With a perfect balance of fewer curls and more straight strands, this shag hairstyle effortlessly captures a contemporary essence while maintaining its classic roots. Revel in the enduring allure of a haircut that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds, offering a timeless yet modern aesthetic that stands the test of trends.

11) Medium Layered Black Hairstyle

 Medium Layered Black Hairstyle

Indulge in the striking allure of jet-black sophistication with a Layered Shag hairstyle that exudes a down-to-earth, neutral charm. The rich, deep color adds a touch of timeless elegance to the look, creating a versatile canvas for various styling options. The layered shag allows you to wear your hair down, embracing a feminine and casual style that effortlessly blends current trends with an air of lived-in allure. With its inherent versatility, this hairstyle ensures a look that is not only effortlessly chic but also seamlessly adapts to different occasions. Dive into the world of contemporary grace and easygoing appeal as you let the layered shag enhance your natural beauty with its understated yet captivating presence.

12) Curled Shag for Mid-length hair

Curled Shag for Mid-length hair

Step into the realm of captivating charm with the Above-Curled Shag, a mid-length hairstyle designed to complement and enhance your natural curls. This delightful style features short bangs delicately gracing the forehead, adding a touch of chic sophistication. The voluminous, curly hair cascading down the sides creates a dynamic and eye-catching texture that celebrates the beauty of natural curls. The above-curled shag strikes the perfect balance between playful and stylish, offering a unique and personalized expression of your curly-haired allure. Embrace the whimsical curls and textured layers, as this shag style effortlessly captures the essence of carefree elegance, making it an ideal choice for those who desire a blend of charm and individuality in their mid-length curls.

13) Collarbone Blonde Shag

Collarbone Blonde Shag

Elevate your active and sporty lifestyle with the alluring appeal of Beachy Shags, a haircut that resonates with dynamic energy and carefree vibes. This style, characterized by razored ends, perfectly captures the tomboy spirit while maintaining a touch of femininity. The brown base sets a grounded foundation, and the infusion of copper and blonde tones adds a playful and feminine element to the overall look.

The beachy shags not only embody a sporty and adventurous essence but also showcase a seamless blend of rugged charm and refined beauty. With its dynamic razored ends and multi-tonal hues, this haircut embraces both strength and grace, making it an ideal choice for women seeking a sporty yet feminine style that effortlessly embodies the best of both worlds.

14) Platinum Sliced Blonde Bob Shags Hair Style

Platinum Sliced Blonde Bob Shags Hair Style

Step into a realm of sultry elegance with Shag haircuts featuring straight sections intricately divided into feathered pieces, creating a look that exudes sophistication and edge. This style, with its distinct feathering from the crown, adds a touch of allure and modernity to your overall appearance. Ideal for those with an edgy personality and a penchant for a cool wardrobe, this haircut seamlessly blends chic and daring elements.

The feathered pieces create a sense of movement and dimension, offering a dynamic and stylish vibe. Whether you’re seeking a bold everyday look or gearing up for a night out, this shag haircut with its straight sections and feathered allure is sure to elevate your style game, making a statement that is both chic and captivating.

15) Long Layered Chopped Shags Hair Style

Embark on a journey of romance with a long haircut featuring strategically placed short and medium layers, creating a windswept allure that is simply unbeatable. This style introduces a dynamic play of lengths, allowing for a cascading effect that exudes both grace and movement. To enhance the romantic vibe, employ a styling wand to craft effortless ringlets at the ends of your layers. The combination of long strands and layered textures adds depth and dimension, creating a whimsical and enchanting hairstyle. Perfect for those special occasions or whenever you want to embrace a softer, more romantic look, this windswept long cut with artful ringlets is sure to captivate and leave a lasting impression.

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How to care shaggy haircut?

Embracing the carefree charm of shaggy haircuts doesn’t mean neglecting maintenance. Keep your shaggy locks in top-notch shape by scheduling trims every eight weeks, ensuring a fresh and vibrant look. After washing, let your hair air-dry naturally, enhancing its inherent texture. Elevate the volume by applying a volumizer or hairspray, imparting a touch of playful buoyancy.

Regularly using conditioners is key to maintaining tangle-free strands, and preserving the effortless allure of your shaggy hairstyle. With these simple yet effective care steps, you can ensure that your shaggy haircut remains a stylish and low-maintenance choice for a carefree, chic appearance.


How to Style Shaggy Hair Cut?

Styling your shaggy haircut is a canvas for personal expression, allowing you to infuse your unique taste and preferences. Tailor your look by selecting the ideal hair length and experimenting with various hair colors, whether it’s a subtle change or a bold transformation. Elevate your style further by adding highlights, streaks, or incorporating different shades to achieve a dynamic and personalized appearance. Enhance the individuality of your shaggy hairstyle by incorporating accessories, such as headbands or hair clips, offering endless opportunities to make your look truly distinctive. With the flexibility to customize length, color, and accessorize, your shaggy hairstyle becomes a versatile and creative expression of your personal style.


Bottom Line

The resurgence of shag hairstyles has brought a modern and stylish option for those looking to add texture and movement to their hair. With the versatility to suit different hair types and face shapes, shags offer a fresh and edgy look that can elevate any style. By trying out the fifteen modern and stylish shag hairstyles suggested in this blog post, you can embrace this trend and make a bold statement. Whether you opt for a short and choppy shag or a long and layered style, let the shag hairstyle transform your look and showcase your individuality.

This was all about the trending shags hair style, its types & different styles you can choose for yourself. If you are a WFH woman, then you can definitely try this hairstyle.

We hope you find this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!



Can shag hairstyles work for all hair types?

Shag hairstyles are known for their versatility and can be adapted to various hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly. Your hairstylist can customize the cut to suit your hair’s natural texture.

How can I maintain a modern shag hairstyle?

Regular trims are essential to keep the layers and texture of a shag hairstyle intact. Additionally, using styling products tailored to your hair type can enhance the look and provide the desired texture.

Are shag hairstyles suitable for formal occasions?

While shag hairstyles are often associated with a casual and laid-back vibe, they can be adapted for more formal events. Sleeker styling and strategic use of hair accessories can elevate the shag for dressier occasions.

What face shapes complement the shag hairstyle?

Shag hairstyles are versatile and can complement various face shapes. They often work well for oval and heart-shaped faces, but a skilled stylist can customize the cut to flatter different facial features.


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