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Donating your hair is one of the humanitarian causes that you can do & it definitely provides one with mental satisfaction & happiness. Your hair can make any cancer patient happy, any ill kid happy, or any other needy person. It is easy to donate hair if you have natural hair, but what about color-treated hair? Can you donate hair that has been dyed?

Let’s find out an answer to this question & many other related questions to hair donating. 

Can you donate hair that has been dyed?

Yes, you can donate hair that has been dyed but only to some hair donation organizations. However, most hair donation organizations do not accept dyed hair or color-treated, bleached hair. So, it is best to check & read the guide of the organization; you’re donating your hair in.

The reason behind most of the organizations not accepting color-treated hair is the process of making wigs. To make a wig requires between 8-15 ponytails, & all of these come from different people. 

The ponytails are later processed to give them one color. But if the hair is dyed, then it will not absorb the dye properly & it is harder to dye this hair. 

So the grey hair, chemically treated hair & permanently dyed hair are not suitable for donating.

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Which type of hair is suitable for donating? 

Yes, some organizations accept color-treated hair but not all of them. Moreover, many other types of hair are not suitable for donation. 

So here are hair types that are not suitable:

  • Grey Hair
  • Color-treated hair
  • Permed Hair
  • Bleached or Chemically treated hair
  • Balayage & Ombre
  • Highlights & Lowlights

Hair Types that are suitable for donating:

  • Natural Hair
  • Hair dyed with Vegetable dyes 
  • Semi-Permanent Hair
  • Long-time bleached hair
  • Dreads & Locks, without any treatment (in some cases)

How long does your hair have to be to donate? 

The right length of donating your hair is 12 inches. Of course, the hair length above this can be best, but at least the hair should be 12 inches. However, some organizations even accept 10 inches long hair. 

But while donating this much long hair, make sure your hair is not damaged due to any treatment. However, you can donate grey hair but less than 8-10%, as per some organizations. 

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Where to donate hair which is Dyed in the USA?

As mentioned earlier, most organizations do not accept color-dyed hair, but some organizations do. So here is the list of organizations in the USA where you can donate your color dyed hair:

1) Locks Of Love – They will accept any hair type & even color-treated hair, but the hair should not be damaged.

2) Children With Hair Loss – The organization accepts any hair type, but the length should be at least 8 inches.

Bottom Line

We hope now you get to know about the requirement about donating hair & you also got the answer to your question, ‘Can you donate hair that has been dyed?’

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