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Why are most nail salons owned by Vietnamese?

Do you know the nail industry in the USA is worth around $8 Billion? Do you know around 50% of nail salons in the USA are owned by Vietnamese origin people? Do you know Vietnamese own about 80% of nail salons in California?

So why is there so much influence and ownership of Vietnamese people on nail salons in the USA? 

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This all starts during the Vietnamese war and the USA’s involvement in it when refugees from Vietnam came to the USA. Also, the primary role was played by Tippi Harden, the famous Hollywood actress from”The Birds’ movie, and 20 Vietnamese women. 

Let’s know about the whole story and the impact of Vietnamese ownership on the nail business!

How did the Vietnamese war help to increase the share of Vietnamese in nail salons of the USA?

Basically, the Vietnamese war helped through an increase in the number of Vietnamese people in the USA.

When the USA get directly involved in the Vietnamese war, many refugees from Vietnam fled to the USA. As a result, the refugee camps have a lot of people but significantly less employment for them. 

Men were able to have work, but women didn’t have any good work. So here comes the role of Hollywood actress Tippi Harden. 

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What was the role of Tippi Harden in the ownership of nail salons by Vietnamese?

Once Tippi Harden visited a refugee camp, and she wanted to do something for the women of these camps. So she brought sewists and typists so that those women could learn something and earn something.

But some of these women looked at Tippi Harden’s nails and admired them. So Tippi Harden got an idea about teaching these women about manicure and nail care. 

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Harden then took care of teaching 20 of those Vietnamese women about perfect manicures and nail procedures. As a result, many of these women fled to South California and started their own nail salons and manicure centers. This changed the face of the nail and manicure industry. 

This small step by Tippi Harden gave employment to those 20 Women and provided a way to the whole Vietnamese community. As a result, they own most nail salons in the USA!

How has the nail business changed the life of Vietnamese manicure workers?

After finding the perfect way to earn money, the life of those 20 women changed, and with that, the fate of Vietnamese people also changed to an extent. As a result, many Vietnamese women & workers send earned money back home to support their families. 

In 2014, the average manicurist earned around $645 in a week. So from that, you can guess how much earning is in the nail salon business and how much those Vietnamese people are earning even after providing service at lower prices. 

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What changes came in the Nail Salon industry after the involvement of Vietnamese people in it?

With the involvement of Vietnamese people in the nail salon business, the one thing that changes is affordability to nail service. It costs around $50 to get your nails done from a standard nail salon. 

But if you get services from a Vietnamese nail salon, you may get those same services at a lesser price. 

Now nail procedures are no longer a luxury, and anyone can get nail service at even lower prices from the Vietnamese salons.

Bottom Line

So now you know ‘why are most nail salons owned by Vietnamese’ and its history. You have added one more bit of salon knowledge to your mind! 

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