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What are the Average hair salon prices in the USA!

Whether you are a male or a female, you will probably need salon service from time to time. It just does not include getting a haircut but a whole lot of hair & beauty services. As part of a typical hair care regimen, they will provide services such as cutting, shampooing, and coloring. Also, they help you with styling for special events like weddings or proms. But if you will get just the normal hair care regime, then the average hair salon prices will be near $40 for men & around $65 for women.

Apart from this, the prices can vary depending on the salon, location, experience of service & the expertise level of the professional. This article will mention in detail the average hair salon prices for both men & women.

What are the average hair salon prices in the US?

As you know, a hair salon does not only involve hair cutting, but it also includes styling, hair processes, coloring, washing & many more things. So surely the average price of only hair cutting & hair salon will differ. 

The average price of hair cutting can range between $15-28 for men & the hair salon services price will be around $40.

However, the average price of hair cutting for women is $25-44 & the hair salon services price is around $65. 

The average hair salon prices differ state by state. For example, the average prices are $84 in California; however, in Nebraska it is just $29. 

Salons in cities with a lot of people, like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, charge more for haircuts than salons in less-crowded cities like San Diego and Austin.

Omaha, Nebraska, is the city with the lowest average haircut cost, with an average cost of $29. Boise came in second with an average haircut cost of $32.

What are the average hair salon prices for men & women?

It costs an average of $40 to get a men’s haircut in most places across the country. The average price for a haircut for women across the country is $66. The average cost of a haircut for men and women across the country is $53.

A shampoo, haircut, blowdry, and basic style was included in the price of most establishments we examined. So if these costs are a bit more than you expected, know that you’ll receive more than just a haircut for the money you spend.

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How Much to Tip Hairdresser?

After getting a haircut, it’s usual to leave some money on the barber’s table. Tipping ranges from 18 to 22 percent in the business. If you are satisfied with the haircut, you may leave a 20% gratuity.

So, a $4 tip is fair for a $20 haircut.

What should be your average hair salon prices?

You should set a perimeter on how much you should charge for a service or for hair cutting of different gender or age. Here is the average hair salon price of various services that you should set: 

1) Men’s cuts: $40+

Shampoo, scalp massage, cut, and styling is all included in this minimal price range. The average cost of only a men’s haircut should be a minimum of $28 dollars.

2) Women’s cuts: $50+

The desired appearance may be achieved as a result of the shaping and texturing of hair. With a haircut and blowdry included in the price, it is recommended that the cost of a women’s haircut be $43.

3) Children’s cuts: $25+

For children under the age of ten, the price includes shampoo and a haircut. It is recommended that the average price for a children’s haircut be at least $15.

4) Bang/Neck Trims: $15+

Take advantage of this maintenance procedure to keep your hair looking great between regular haircuts.

5) Specialty haircutting: $65+

Specialty haircutting includes advanced haircutting techniques intended specifically for curly hair, precision dry cutting, and avant-garde processes. These services need greater training and competence on the part of stylists and so command a higher fee.

6) All over color: $80+

From root to tip, a single solid color is applied. This style includes a blowdry.

7) Balayage/Foilayage: $155+

Balayage is a hairstyle in hand-painted highlights for a smooth and natural appearance. Foliage is a specific method that employs foils to give a look that is similar to balayage but with more dramatic effects.

8) Blow Out: $30+

After shampooing and massaging the scalp, the stylist finishes the hair with a blowdryer and brush to achieve a lovely finish. The use of hot tools is charged separately as an add-on.

These are some of the few common services for which you should set a minimum price, which will help you earn a considerate amount of money. 

Why do you need to know Average air salon prices as a salon owner?

Making sure your hair salon’s pricing list is accurate is critical to your company’s success. Many advantages may be gained from a well-thought-out pricing list, such as:

1) You can charge the price you deserve

You can’t pay competitive wages if you don’t charge the correct price. You’ll lose employees if you don’t charge the proper price. This is a vicious cycle that will only get worse.

In contrast, having a printed menu with pricing your customers can see makes it much simpler for you to communicate with them about the costs of your services.

The pricing list handles all of the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

2) New clients are attracted to a hair salon that has an updated list of unique services.

You can tell a lot about your salon’s personality by looking at what you have to offer on your menu. As a result, you should maintain it up-to-date and include any new services that come along.

If you’re one of the few salons in your city providing a certain service, clients who need it will make the additional trip to your salon to get it.

3) Promoting Your Hair Salon Menu

Getting your salon pricing list in front of potential customers is the next step after defining what you’ll include on it.

You should have both a printed and an online version of your document.

Based on these factors, you should know the average salon prices & update yours to get more clients, earn more money & keep your business running. 

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Bottom Line

According to various perspectives, this was all about average hair salon prices in the USA. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading!

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