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Shoulder Length Half up Mother of the Bride Hair

A mother always wants her daughter to look beautiful & gorgeous as a bride. But as a mother of the bride, she must also look beautiful & the things that will add to her beauty are her dress, makeup & definitely her hairstyle. So the mother of the bride should have a hairstyle that looks charming but should not overshadow the bride’s hairstyle. So the best considered for this occasion is shoulder length half up mother of the bride hair. 

This article will mention the best shoulder-length half-up hairstyles for the bride’s mother. Let’s get started!

Best Shoulder length half up mother of the bride hair!

Half-up hair styles are those in which the top of your hair is put back into the bun or ponytail. The half-up is done to avoid any hair on the face. So, here are 8 best shoulder-length half-up hairstyles for the bride’s mother. It includes both simples to do & look & professional hairstyles.

1) Silver Hair Shoulder Length Style

The hairstyle is suitable for the bride’s mother who has silver & they don’t want to get them colored. The style is also suitable for women who want something elegant & effortless. The shoulder-up half-up style will look perfect with some added jewelry on the back & side of your hair.

2) Bouffant Shoulder Length Updo

This bride’s mother hairstyle is suitable for women with long hair length, but it becomes a Shoulder length half-up style with the styling. The long hair will help in adding volume & even make the style look better. So as the bride’s mother, if you want something sober & straightforward, then you can go for this hairstyle.

3) Loose Shoulder Length Hair

This style is the most suitable for women with shoulder-length hair; moreover, it is the simplest. Just add some curls to your hair & tie from one side. Your hair will look more stunning with added flowers of your dress color. You can even add little braids on the other side to avoid the hair coming on your face during the whole function.

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4) Woven Wedding Half Up Hairstyle

A relaxed hairstyle neither looks too attractive & even enhances the look of the person. The slightly long hair will help the stylist to form the style & the side tendrils will surely enhance the look of the person. This hairstyle is perfect for women with highlights as the woven braids will get more details.

5) Highly Loopy Half-up Bun

A mother can look as beautiful as her daughter & many people may even not tell who’s the bride & who’s her mother. So the look can be achieved through the high loopy half-up bun style. The style surely needs the hands of professionals, but as a 50+ mother, you will look younger. You can get the frills for more enhanced looks.

5) Half Up Curly Style with Highlights

You definitely want an elegant look if your daughter and her fiance are arranging a traditional wedding celebration. It is not the greatest time to try out new, flamboyant hairstyles at this time. A traditional half-up, half-down curl look may be easily jazzed up with a quirky accessory. This shoulder-length style will be easy to manage during functions & marriage.

6) Cute Formal Half Shoulder Length Updo

The simplest style of all the styles for the bride’s mother. The hairstyle is actually suitable for medium-length thick hair. Tease the crown and draw back the side portions, overlapping and fixing them in place. This basic yet eye-catching updo is easy to do and looks great. Apart from styling, you can even add accessories for a better look.

7) Twisted and Pinned Half Up Shoulder Length Hairstyle

With highlighted hair, the style will make the person look charismatic. This twisted and pinned hairdo adds a modern twist to the typical half-up, half-down look. It’s been meticulously put together to highlight the polished half-up area, which is contrasted brilliantly with the mussed-up, free-flowing bottom.

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8) Easy Cute Gray Half Shoulder Length Updo

This style is actually suitable for the bride’s mom older than 60+ years or her grandmother. The style will look perfect on the grey hair. To achieve this style, simply tease the top piece of hair and loosely pin it into place with glittering pins to create a little bouffant. The style is really simple & easy to maintain.

Bottom Line

So these were all styles for shoulder length half up mother of the bride hair. We hope you may have found a style for your mother or yourself. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below if you found this article helpful & informative.

Thank you for reading!

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