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Blonde & brunette are two hair colors that most women have all around the world & many women look great in both these hair colors. Even many celebrities have rocked both more brunette & blonde hair. But not all can look good in these hair colors. So it is necessary to know which hair color will suit you better. But, how to tell if you look better blonde or brunette?

Actually, there are a lot of ways to find out which hair color you should go for, between blonde or brunette. This article will help you to determine which hair color to choose. But first, let’s know about both hair colors!

What is Blonde & Brunette Hair Color? 

Blonde Hair Color – Blonde hair are golden or yellowish in color. This is due to the presence of low brown eumelanin, high black eumelanin, and high pheomelanin. 

Brunette Hair Color – Brunette hair is shades between the black & brown hair color. There are a lot of shades of the brunette present. The reason behind the brunette hair color is low levels of pheomelanin and high levels of eumelanin.  

There are several shades that are present in blonde & brunette hair colors. 

How to tell if you look better blonde or brunette?

It depends on many factors like the original color of your hair, type of hair, age, how much you can spend, and how much time you have to maintain the colors. Apart from these, one can also choose the color based on the benefits of each hair color. 

But first, let’s look at the factors that will help you choose between Blonde or Brunette!

Original Hair color: If you have dark hair color, you may need to go brunette, as it will suit your original hair color, plus you will need not spend money on getting the blonde shades. 

 However, if you have light hair color from your childhood, then you can go for blonde. 

Type of Your Hair– If you have thin hair, then blonde will be great, as your scalp will be less visible with thin hair, but that is not the same in the case of brunette hair. 

Moreover, if you have dry hair, then you should avoid getting the blonde becuase it involves bleaching from time to time. SO your hair may get more damaged & dry. 

How much you can spend – Blondes need bleaching in the interval of 4-6 weeks. So this way, blonde is surely expensive. Even if you do the bleaching at home, it will still cost more than brunette. 

Your Age – Blonde is known to hide grey hair & make people look younger. That’s why women above age 50 love to get blonde. Also, it makes the person look younger & more attractive.

How much time you have to maintain – The brunette hair color is easy to maintain & requires fewer touch-ups & processes than blonde. 

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What are the qualities of Blonde & Brunette Hair Color? 

For the easy choice between blonde & brunette, here are qualities of both the hair colors:

Blonde Hair:

  • It is easier to hide grey hair in blonde. ‘
  • Even with a thin hair texture, your scalp will be less visible in blonde hair. 
  • Blonde hair is perceived as more attractive. 
  • The blonde hair is more forgiving of skin imperfections. 

Brunette Hair:

  • Your hair will not get yellowish or green after a pool dip. 
  • The hair color is needed less maintenance. 
  • The hair looks shiny when freshly colored.
  • Your scalp or hair will not get dry after getting a brunette color. 
  • Your hair will stay healthy. 

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What makes you look younger blonde or brunette? 

This can be a deciding factor in choosing between blonde or brunette becuase the hair colors can help you look younger. 

It’s actually blonde hair color that is known to make you look younger & it is because it hides the grey hair & adds glow to the overall look of your face. So the only thing necessary is to get warm blonde shades with some highlights. It will add dimension & texture to your hair, making you look younger. 

Women above age 50 go for blonde instead of brunette to look younger. 

So based on making you younger, it is right to choose the blonde hair color. 

Bottom Line

 We have provided our information on deciding which color to choose. So, it is now up to you to decide between blonde & brunette. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. 

Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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