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There are a plethora of uncommon genetic variations. For example, just 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, 11% of us have naturally curly hair, and 4% of us have blonde hair. Yet, only 2% of the seven billion or so people on the earth can claim to have a single distinguishing feature. What’s that trait? Eyes with a green tint. Yes, only 2% of the world’s population has them. So, if green eyes are so rare, how rare is blonde hair and green eyes?

As mentioned before, only 2% of people have green eyes & the rarety of blonde hair is at 4%. So having both of these traits is very, very rare. So if you are one of them, who have blonde hair & green eyes, consider yourself to be lucky. 

Let’s learn about the rareties of special eye color & hair colors!

How rare are Green eyes & Blue Eyes? 

As you could have guessed, about 79% of people are born with brown eyes. Eight percent of us have blue eyes, 5 percent have hazel eyes, and 5 percent of us have amber eyes. So green eyes are a one-of-a-kind feature.

There’s one more interesting fact about green eyes, until the age of three, children are unlikely to develop green eyes. 

This is because pigmentation takes time to develop and then manifest. If eyes are “windows of the soul,” as the saying goes, then green-eyed people are among the most elusive.

Northern, Central, and Western Europe are the most likely places to see people with green eyes. People of Celtic and Germanic descent make up about 16 percent of green-eyed people. 

How rare is blonde hair and green eyes?

Green-eyed persons make up a very small percentage of the global population (around 2%). The blonde hair people on this earth are just 4%. So the chances of blonde hair and green eyes are very rare. 

In terms of percentage, the rarety of blonde hair and green eyes is just 0.08. So simply saying, in 1000 people, only eight people will be with blonde hair & green eyes.

So having blonde hair with green eyes is really rare. 

What race has blonde hair and green eyes?

People in Liqian, a small village in China, have green eyes and blonde hair by two-thirds of the population as of today. In Liqian, there is a large population of people with green eyes and blonde hair because of their lineage.

Green eyes are most commonly associated with German or Celtic origin in Western, Northern, and Central Europe. They are most commonly found in Iceland, Scotland, and the Netherlands.

So there are chances that green-eyed people with blonde hair can be found in these countries.

How are green eyes inherited?

Eye color is strongly influenced by heredity. The iris is the component of the eye that is colored. The eye’s color is determined by pigmented cells found in the iris.

The amount of melanin, or brown-colored pigment, in the cells of the iris determines the color of the eye. These cells, which are termed melanocytes, have different quantities of melanin in them.

The amount of melanin that melanocytes produce is genetically predetermined and remains relatively constant throughout a person’s lifetime. 

Therefore, a person with a higher concentration of melanin in their melanocytes will have darker brown eyes than someone with light brown eyes.

What is the rarest hair color with green eyes? 

Red hair and green eye genes are not as frequent as those in populations’ other hair and eye colors.

Genetic analysis has a -0.14 association between red hair and green eyes.

However, It’s even more unusual to have red hair and blue eyes.

Red hair and green eyes are an extremely uncommon combo. Myths regarding various hair and eye hues exist, especially on the internet, as with any rare characteristic.

Here are some myths that are linked with red hair & green eyes people:

  • Lowered pain threshold.
  • Because of the lighter skin tone, bruises are more obvious.
  • More likely to develop cancer.
  • Irritability and rage.
  • The ability to live longer (for people with green eyes).

Which hair color is most suited to Green Eyes? 

Green eyes will shine brighter with copper-toned, chocolate-brown, or gold-colored hair. Avoid hair colors with blue, green, or violet undertones if you have green eyes and an olive complexion. Platinum or ashy blondes are likewise to be avoided.

Can parents with green eyes have a blue eyed child?

It is possible to conceive a blue eyed child if the father has brown eyes and the mother has green eyes. 

As a result, children born to parents with green or brown eyes may be genetically predisposed to have blue eyes. In addition, blue eye genes can be passed on to their offspring through each of them.

How rare is strawberry blonde hair and green eyes? 

It’s unusual to see someone with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, but one can rarely have them together. However, Strawberry blonde hair and green eyes can run in your family, so if any of your ancestors had them, so will you and your child.

The combination of strawberry blonde hair and green eyes is really unusual. Recessive genes are responsible for both of these characteristics, just as blue eyes or the O blood type are.

Strawberry blonde hair is usually thought of as being from Ireland. However, not everyone with Irish ancestry will have strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

The chances of having both red hair and green eyes aren’t clear-cut because of genetics.

How rare is dirty blonde hair and green eyes?

Only 2% of people on this earth have green eyes & the chances of blonde hair are 4% in the whole population. So the rarety of special dirty blonde hair with green eyes is very high. 

As mentioned before, only about 0.08% of people on this east have the probability of having blonde hair & green eyes. But the special dirty blonde hair with green eyes can be even rarer. 

However, on the other side, blue eyes are more common with dirty blonde hair or blonde hair. Blondes are most likely to have blue eyes, but they can also have grey, green, or hazel. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people who have blonde hair and green eyes.

How rare is green eyes and blonde curly hair? 

To understand easily, just 11% of us have naturally curly hair, 4% have blonde hair, and only 2% have green eyes. So there is a rare chance that a person will have all of these three traits. 

It is most unlikely to see someone with curly blonde hair & green eyes. 

The chances of having this combination stood at 0.88%. It means in 10,000 people, only 88 people can have this rare appearance. 

Green eyes may not show up in children until they are three because pigmentation takes time to form and then show up. 

A lot of people think green eye color is one of the most beautiful. However, it can be both mysterious and beautiful to have green eyes that are emerald or lime-colored.

How rare is blonde hair and blue green eyes?

Blondes make up 3% more of the world’s population than redheads, with 5% of the global population. If you pair them with blue eyes, you get a slew of similarly unusual looks. Even so, blue-eyed people have become more common in recent decades.

Around 8% of people on this earth have blue eyes, so the chances of having blonde hair & blue eyes are not much rare, but yes, it is unique. 

What is the rarest Eye and Hair Color Combination? 

Redheads with blue eyes are the most uncommon combination of the two racial chromosomes. However, the recessive nature of these two features, hair, and eye color, necessitate that they are passed down from one or both parents.

The recessive nature of these two features, hair, and eye color, necessitate that they be passed down from one or both of the parents.

So the child’s chances of getting this unique combination can range from 0% to 100%, depending on the parents’ DNA.

Bottom Line

This was all bout rarety of the special eye and hair colors. Indeed, now you know how rare is blonde hair and green eyes. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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