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Pedicure is a growing business in the USA & it helps you earn a good amount of money. The main requirements are that you should be a professional in pedicure, you have your salon & most importantly, a good & comfortable chair. You need to buy a good pedicure chair so that your clients feel comfortable for a long time & get the best treatment from you. So, how much does a pedicure chair cost?

Actually, the range of good pedicure chairs ranges from a minimum of $300 to $2500. It totally depends on how your budget & the client base you will serve. Read more to get more info:

How much does a pedicure chair cost?

As mentioned earlier, the cost ranges from $300 to $2500, & one gets the chair as per their budget & comfort & features they want in the chair. So for your business startup, you can go the chairs costing around $300 becuase these chairs provide comfort, features & even cost much lower. 

On the other side, if you have an established business & that too in a good location, then you should buy electric & fully-features chair for your pedicure business. The cost surely will be high, but your rich clients will feel good on the chair. 

Here are our recommendations for the best low-cost & high-cost pedicure chair!

Paddie White Pedicure Chair Unit

Paddie White Pedicure Chair Unit

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  • Price – $319.99
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PERLA Shiatsulogic 16 EX Pedicure Chair

PERLA Shiatsulogic 16 EX Pedicure Chair

  • High-Cost
  • Price – $2450
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How much does a used pedicure chair cost? 

A used pedicure chair can cost around $180 to $280 & you can buy them from, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo mobile app, OfferUp & some other platforms. 

However, you need to check a few things in used pedicure chairs, like the wear & ear of the chair, discoloration from any side, color & crack in the glass bowl. You should also check the armrests, pain condition & also the remote control if the pedicure chair is electric or automatic. 

The renovation cost of a used pedicure chair can be different for different broken or torn things, like; glass bowl can cost between $250 to $300, remote control can cost between $75 to $175. The cost of painting & the whole renovation depends on the finish & features you will want. 

What features should be checked in a new pedicure chair?

One needs to check various features in a new pedicure chair; even they’re buying a basic or a premium pedicure chair. Here are the features to look in a new pedicure chair:

Comfort: The comfort of the client should be the top priority. The chair should have comfortable seating, armrests & foot stand in it. 

Easy to clean & Disinfect – Now safety is also really important. The chair should be easy to clean & disinfect. 

Swiveling & Reclining – The chair needs to swivel 360 degrees & needs to be reclining for easiness in operation & comfort of the client. 

Durable Material: The build material of the pedicure chair needs to be top class & should take the weight of even heavy clients. 

Wash Bowl: The washbowl is a necessity in a pedicure chair. If the chair is automated, the washbowl should heat the water to the right temperature. 

Bottom Line

So this was all about Pedicure chair costs & things to look for in a pedicure chair. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. 

Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

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