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Barber chair renting is a common practice in the USA & many barbershop owners rent the chair & booths for rent per week to barbers. Renting a chair means giving space & equipment for providing salon service to barbers in lieu of weekly rent. This allows shop owners to get rent without working & space for barbers to earn money without investing much. So, how much do barbers pay for a chair? 

The average price is $100 per week, but it can surely go up according to the barbershop location & the number of clients. Moreover, it can depend on the space the barber is getting in the barbershop. 

Let’s get to know in detail about the barbershop chair rentals.

Why to rent a barbershop chair rental? 

The barbershop chair rental is beneficial for both the shop owners & the barbers. It is more suitable for the barbers who have just started or are new in the barber business. The chair rental is much more affordable than owning a barbershop & moreover, you just need to pay rent. 

One can even make their own clientele, sell products, & do their own style of marketing. It gives more freedom as compared to commission-based chair renting. 

For the barbershop owner, who will rent the chairs, it is a kind of lottery; He just needs to build the salon & rent the chairs weekly. There is no working involved, just come & collect the rent. 

If one wants, they can work on one chair & rent other chairs & earn easily from them. 

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How much does it cost to rent a barber chair? 

The average price of renting a barber chair is around $100 per week, but it can definitely increase based on various factors. However, even the price can go up to a couple of hundred dollars. 

The chair rental is not just weekly but monthly too. It all depends on the chair owner, how he will make a contract with you. 

The cost of renting a barber chair can go up, depending on various factors like:

  • If the shop’s location is in a prime area, the rent will be between $200 and $400. 
  • If the number of clients in the area is high, then the price will be higher. 
  • If the space is bigger, then the rent will also be higher than the average chair rent price. 

How much does a barber pay to rent a chair? 

On average, a barber pays around $100 per week to rent a chair, but that price can reach up to $400 per week, depending on the location, booth size & client base. 

However, even with this much weekly rent, a barber cab earns a good amount at the end of the week. Let’s understand how? 

As a barber, you got a shop at the rent of $250 per week. So if you can do haircutting or any other service for your 50 clients in a week for an average of $25, then you will have $1250 at the end of the week.

Now, you have $1000 at the end of the week, even after all the products & equipment cost, you definitely save $600-700, very easily.

This is how chair renting is suitable, but it can be loss-making also if you would not choose the right chair rental. 

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How much do barbers pay for booth rent? 

Booth rental is actually expensive than the chair rental. On average, it cost around $150 per week & around $600 per month. The price can even go higher depending on the location only. 

Like in Manhattan, the price of a barber booth is around $1000 per week. 

Mostly, people understand the chair rental & booth rentals the same, but there’s a difference. That difference is of space; in chair rental, different barbers work together in a shop for their respective chairs. 

But in booth rental, you get your own private space or kind of small shop. So that;’s why the booth rental costs are higher. 

Bottom Line

That was all about the cost of barbershop rental chairs & booths. We recommend getting a rental chair if you’re new in the barber profession. Moreover, get the rental chair after due research about the location & client base of the area. 

We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading!

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