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How long should you wait to shave after exfoliating?

Skin exfoliating is really beneficial for skin as it removes dead skin cells, unclogs the skin pores, removes blackheads & makes skin softer & brighter. Many people prefer to exfoliate the skin right before shaving, as it is believed that it makes the skin better for shaving & even prevents ingrown hair. But, the real thing that people don’t know about is how long should you wait to shave after exfoliating? 

Please relax; this article will answer all of your questions about exfoliating before shaving. So let’s get started!

Is it best to exfoliate before shaving?

It is best to exfoliate the skin before shaving because there are a lot of benefits to it. The before shaving, exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells & open the unclogged pores. Moreover, it helps to make the skin open for clearing ingrown hair with shaving. 

So it is always best to exfoliate the skin before shaving. However, one can exfoliate the skin after shaving too, but after some hours. Becuase exfoliating right after shaving can cause redness & irritation. But doing it after a few hours will help your skin to remove the baby hair, dirt & cells left after shaving. 

How long should you wait to shave after exfoliating? 

One can shave right after exfoliating. Theirs no need to wait for any time after exfoliating skin. If one shaves the skin after exfoliating, then the shaving blade will get a better hold on the skin & will cut the hair from the depth. 

So after exfoliating, directly shave whichever body part you want to. 

However, in the case of exfoliating after shaving, you need to wait for some hours. Exfoliating directly after shaving can result in redness & irritation as skin have nicks & bumps from shaving. 

How long to exfoliate before shaving? 

If you’re exfoliating before shaving then, then do it for around 30 seconds. It is advised to scrub for 30 seconds on the face & for one minute on other body parts. 

If you scrub for a long time, then your skin can get hurt & later, during shaving, you will feel itchiness & pain. 

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How do you exfoliate before shaving?

If you don’t know how to exfoliate skin before shaving, then here is the step by step guide to exfoliating the skin: 

  • Wash your face and other body parts where you plan to shave with warm water. This will help loosen the dead skin cells.
  • Now apply the scrub on your face, legs, arms, or other body parts, as the amount you suit. 
  • With your fingertips, gently scrub your face in a circular motion. For body parts, you can use loofah & even apply pressure to clean easily & in a better way. 
  • Now, wash with lukewarm water & Voila! Your skin is exfoliated & the dead skin cells are removed! 

You should not apply & scrub too hard on the bikini area, as that area is sensitive. Moreover, you need to take care while doing scrub & even shave in that part. 

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How long should you wait to wax after exfoliating? 

Wax is another popular way to remove hair & many people prefer waxing over shaving, as it removes the hair more precisely & closely from the skin. Moreover, hair growing time after waxing is longer than shaving. 

Exfoliating before waxing is another great idea & it is advised to do it to clear the skin & improve the efficiency of waxing. 

So how long should you wait to wax after exfoliating? The answer is at least 48 hours. The waxing then will be quicker, easier & less painful. 

Bottom Line

So this was all about exfoliating the skin before shaving & waxing. We hope you got a satisfactory answer to your question; how long should you wait to shave after exfoliating? 

Let us know in the comments if you found this article helpful & informative. Thoughts & suggestions are also welcomed. 

Thank you for reading!

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