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Freeform Dreads | Semi Freeform Dreads | Short Freeform Dreads

Dreads are always a part of African culture; both women & men love to have dreads. There are various methods, both natural & artificial, to get dreads/locs. One of the types to get dreads is freeform dreads, in which hair is naturally allowed to get locs without the use of any products & just normal braiding. 

Freeform Dreads Afro are rocked by both men & women & they need a little effort to start growing naturally & later, one can style them. 

This article will give info about freeform locs, Semi freeform dreads, how to get there, how to maintain them & moreover, various style of freeform dreads. So let’s get started!

What are Freeform dreads? 

Freeform dreads are a type of dreads that are allowed to grow naturally & require minimal effort. Freeform dreads can be in any size or texture, depending on the person’s type of hair. Both men & women can have freeform locs, as per the length they want. 

It takes around five or six weeks to see the locs forming up & for the full dreads, it will require around one year. Moreover, one needs to get their hair braided first, into small braids & without the use of any product on them. 

The small braids will help hair to get the space for naturally growing & expand into freeform locs over time. 

What are Semi Freeform Dreads? 

If one wants to get freeform locs but with a twist of styling & maintaining them, then the Semi freeform dreads are best to get. In Semi freeform dreads, the look comes more neat & clean. The Semi freeform locs involve parting the hair from the roots & then making their small braids. The root parting gives space for easy & regular clean-up. 

How long does it take for dreads to start locking?

It will take around four to five weeks to get to see the hair forming into dreads from the small braids, but seeing the results like your favorite rapper’s hair will take around one or two years, depending on your hair type. 

The period of one or two years will allow the total growth of hair to dreads & the hair will be locked from the roots to the ends. 

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How to get Freeform Locs?

If you want to get freeform locs, then here is the simple step by step guide to it:

1) Wash & clean your hair 

It is essential to clean your hair first before starting the process of Freeform Locs. First, wash your hair with a good quality clarifying shampoo & then use a conditioner to moisturize the hair deeply. After that, let them dry up. 

2) Part the hair into sections & install single braids. 

After drying hair, section the hair into small parts & then make small single braids. Do this carefully not to use hair from one section into another section. The braids will help them stay put & stay in one place. Also, read about How to French Braid Easily & 10 Amazing Braid Styles!

3) Now, wait until the hair starts to form into natural braids

It’s time to just wait for a long time. You will need to wash & keep the braids moisturized. To moisturize the scalp, use a good quality deep conditioner. You will get to see the braids forming naturally in just four to five weeks. 

How to get Semi freeform Dreads? 

Like the process of freeform dreads, the semi freeform dreads involve just one more process. After washing the hair, just get the hair sectioned from the roots & & make the hair braids from the roots. 

The semi freeform dreads are neater looking & the hair is parted in a pattern to have the same size locs later. 

It will be best to get the braids from a professional, as they will part the roots neatly & will braid hair equally.

How to maintain Freeform Dreads? 

As you know, the hair needs to be given time to grow into dreads, but you will need to take care from time to time. First, you should check the roots & see if there is buildup, then clean your hair with a good cleanser. But don’t wash too frequently, just 1-2 times a week for the first 3-4 months. 

You should also look at the roots & hair. If you see some strands coming out of the braid, then braid them again. 

It would be best if you took the same care for the semi freeform dreads. 

What are the risks of freeform locs?

There is only one risk of free form locks & semi-freeform locs; they can get a break if re-twisted too tightly. So while making a braid, do not twist too tightly. Apart from this, as you are letting your hair do its own thing, there are fewer chances of breakage happening.

Freefrom Dreads Styles for Women

Here are different freeform dread styles for women-

1) Textured Freeform Dreads

The dread style can come based on your hair type. The extra texture can come from the size of the dreads. The thick & fluffy locs will look great but need to be taken proper care of. Don’t let them be frizzy, & you will see this kind of dread.

2) Medium Freeform Dreads

The medium texture of dreads looks great, plus these are easy to manage. The medium locs are better than too thin locs, in case you want something more texture, & are better than thick locs if you want something easy to manage.

3) Flowing Dreads

Featuring a relaxed freeform style that’s easy to love, this look is another simple but powerful one. By adding a bandana and/or some jewelry, you can easily create an eye-catching hairstyle that showcases your locs.

4) Spiky Textured Dreads

The dreads might also turn out large and spiky and go in many directions, adding a ton of personality to your hair. Of course, you can always try different styling possibilities when you tousle your locs.

5) Extreme Long Locs

If you take care of your dreads for a long tie like 3-4 hair, then you can grow your dread to this length. Then, the dreads will look really great & beautiful.

Freeform Dread Styles for Men

Here are different styles & form of freeform dread than men can try:

1) Voluminous Freeform Dreads

This is a high-volume dread style for men. It would take around 1-2 years to form this kind of dread. Moreover, you will need to have shiny & textured hair to get these voluminous freeform locs.

2) Sparse Medium Dreads

Would you prefer slightly larger locs? Take a look at these medium freeform dreads. These dreads aren’t enormous but show off the texture of the hair differently and are on the larger side. They’re a good option if you prefer looser locs.

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3) Blooming Dreads

You may feel limited in how you can style your hair during the first year or so of your loc journey, but thankfully, this is not the case.
One option is this wild, expansive look, which makes short, thin dreads seem surprisingly full. The locs’ texture and character are nicely highlighted as well.

4) Shoulder Length Dreads

It has taken three years for the dreadlocks to fully develop into thick, full strands. As a result, the hair has adapted to its new growth pattern. There is a nice balance between volume and manageability in these medium-sized locs, which really highlight the hair’s texture.

5) Short Dreads

Want to see what loc growing looks like in its early stages? Take a look at this 14-month growth chart. They range from 2 to 4 inches in length, so they’re not quite microlocs, but still relatively small.
You will obviously get different results depending on what kind of hair you have and how fast your hair grows naturally.

Bottom Line

This was all about freeform dreads & semi freeform dreads. We tried our best to include all the information about these in our article. We hope you found this article informative & helpful.

Let us know your thoughts & recommendations in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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