How long should I leave bleach in my hair?

Hair bleaching is a common process/technique to change hair color. Primarily it is associated with making hair blonde from darker shades. There are two ways to bleach hair, either at a salon or at home. While at a salon, the worker knows how much Bleach to apply to your hair to get the expected hair … Read more

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?

Semi-permanent dyes are famous for vibrant colors and hair color commitment for a short period. Semi-permanent hair dyes are best for trying new colors on hair and experimenting from time to time. Many people want to try semi-permanent hair color, but they don’t know how long does semi-permanent hair dye lasts? So to give an … Read more

How to lighten Hair dyed too dark

Everyone wants to look good, and hairs play a big part in your appearance. So as to hide grey hairs or to colorize them, most people use various dyes. But sometimes, mistakes happen when either you or your hairstylist mess up the color of your hair. Upon closer inspection, you find your hair dyed too … Read more