Should you shave before or after a shower?

There’s always a debate on this topic: should you shave before or after a shower? Many favor shaving before showering because it will save time & all the hair remains will get off from the face & body with a shower. Others favor shaving after a shower because, after a shower, the pores on the … Read more

What not to do after lip injections?

Lip injections are a great way to make your lips look better, fuller & increase your face beauty & appearance. They increase the size of your lips and give you the soft, kissable lips you’ve always desired. When you get lip injections & fillers of any type, your lips are injected with specific kinds of … Read more

Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat?

Gel nail polish is undoubtedly better than regular nail polish because it is shinier & more durable. So there’s no competition between gel nail polish & regular nail polish. But on the other side, gel nail polish is much costlier than regular nail polish. But what about combining these two types of nail polish? Like … Read more

Can a white person use black hair products?

There is certainly some difference between the hair products of black people & white people because the hair texture & type of both races are different. So there need to be products that have different ingredients, which can cater to the hair requirements of these different types. But have you ever had this question in … Read more

What can I use instead of nail glue?

When it comes to applying fake nails or press-on nails, nail glue is one of the quickest and easiest techniques. In addition, this is the procedure that most nail technicians use and suggest. However, some people may be allergic to Nail Glue or find it excessively powerful or harsh on their nails, so they don’t … Read more

Why is my hair so oily all of a sudden?

No one likes to have oily hair & many people even try many solutions & products to control oily hair. But still, their hair remains oily. Do you know, the oil that you experience in your hair is actually produced from our scalp & it actually supports our hair health? But too much oil production … Read more