Wella color charm T18 assists in the elimination of undesirable orange tones. It will work if you want a [...]

Strawbeery blonde Hair is a blend of warm blonde and light red shades. It comes in different shades like light, [...]

It is rarely seen that men’s hair does not have Fade in it. Most men’s haircuts are faded & even [...]

Who does not like to have shiny & strong hair from top to bottom? But not everyone can achieve them & most [...]

On a daily basis, many of us see our hair to look thin when wet, but when they are dry, they look voluminous. [...]

Even though you don’t have long, beautiful natural hair, you can still satisfy your wish for long hair. To [...]

Bleaching hair is not an easy process. One mistake can lead to uneven, lightened hair or brassy hair. So indeed, [...]

Glamorous and on-trend, silver highlights are an absolute necessity for anybody looking to up-level their style. [...]

Braids are a pleasurable and straightforward method of putting your hair up in a protective style and forgetting [...]

These days, Butterfly Locs are all the rage. When Goddess Locs and Passion Twist mingled, the result was this love [...]