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An Ultimate Guide on Protein treatment for Hair in Salon!

Our hair needs protein just like our body to stay healthy. We know very well that protein is an essential part of a balanced diet. 

So, when you feel your hair is weak and limp, maybe you need a protein treatment to nourish them. Protein treatment enhances the quality of hair with the help of various nutrients. 

It reconstructs and strengthens hair strands. So, if you want to keep your hair in the best shape, protein treatment is a good idea.

In addition, if you want to do any color, highlight, and other chemical texturizing to your hair, in that case, protein treatment prior is the best thought.

It will help you to strengthen the hair base and make it a healthy area for your color.

To restore the hair strength and to give proper keratine to Hair, protein treatments. 

Today, we will learn all about protein treatments, why to get protein treatments, the frequency, and whether to take protein treatment for Hair in Salon or at home. And all essential things about protein treatments. 

So let’s get started!

What is Protein Treatment for Hair?

First, let’s know what our Hair is made of. Our Hair is made of a protein named Keratin, so are our nails. The Keratin keeps our Hair strong, healthy, and elastic. 

But when we get our Hair treated with bleaching, coloring, or continuous shampoo and other products, the Keratin in our starts to break up. The loss of Keratin can be due to an upside-down lifestyle, and improper diet. 

This all results in hair breakage, dryness, and Hair looking bad. That’s where you need protein treatment for your hair. 

Protein treatment for Hair is a product that contains a protein that Hair can easily absorb, and it strengthens and repairs the Keratin. You can either get protein treatment for Hair at the Salon or buy products to do it at your home. 

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What does protein treatment do to your Hair?

A hair protein treatment repairs your hair strands by filling hydrolyzed proteins in hair cuticles and hardening your Hair’s cuticle layer. As a result, it gives hair strength and shines.

Even the protein treatment fills holes in hair cuticles to avoid further damage to your Hair. 

Protein treatments also ensure better hair growth, and Hair gets thicker, longer, and gains more volume.

 Also, Hair becomes less frizzy and manageable by the use of protein treatments. 

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When is it time to treat your hair with protein?

How will you know that your hair needs protein treatments? If your hair shows any of these signs, it means your hair needs protein treatments – 

  • When you start experiencing hair breakage.
  • Hair becomes fragile and brittle. 
  • When your hair becomes porous.
  • When your hair feels dry, even though you had applied conditioner and oil. 
  • Hair feels gummy and sticky. 
  • When your hair are no more elastic.

Where can you get protein treatment?

Basically, you can get protein treatment for Hair in Salon or at home. You can visit a salon and ask for protein treatments and choose from different kinds of packages. 

The protein treatments usually cost between $90 to $250 in the USA. 

But don’t worry if you think this is a high cost. You can do protein treatment at home by using various products available on amazon. 

If you only want to take protein treatment from a salon, then visit a reputed salon because it is expensive and should be done by a professional. 

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How often should you take protein treatment?

If protein treatment heals your air and reduces the damage caused to hair, then this does not mean you should take protein treatment very often. There should be an ideal gap between protein treatments. Excess protein to hair can make them dry, brittle, and stiff. 

Normal protein treatments can be used once a week, and if you are getting protein treatments from a salon, there should be a gap of 4-6 weeks. 

Best Protein Treatment Options

According to your hair quality and type, you can choose the best option as many options for a protein treatment exists. Here we provide your quick guide to five protein treatments. 

Hair Straightening- 

When you decide on hair straightening, two types of products are there, and you have to choose between ley and non-ley formulas. 

These formulas provide your hair with a smoother and straighter appearance as they reform the keratin structure in your hair. 

However, this treatment can lead to hair breakage, so it is important to know its pros and cons before doing it.

Keratin Treatment-

It is also called ‘hair smoothening. Keratin treatment assists you in reforming the keratin bond inside your fiber of hair by keeping it closed to intact a smooth texture. 

It can cause heat damage during the treatment, so it is suggested to opt for formaldehyde-free options and an experienced hair technician to avoid such damage. 

In addition, a keratin treatment can cause scalp irritation, itching eyes, throat irritation, etc. So, weigh out your ideas before going ahead.

Cysteine Treatments

It works just like keratin treatments. However, it does not include any added chemicals and formaldehyde.

In fact, it uses a cysteine complex, a form of non-essential amino acid. Cysteine treatments are responsible for replenishing dull hair, removing excessive frizziness, and treating dryness.

 It results in a natural look and does not leave your hair curly. 

DIY Protein Treatment

Yes, you can use many ingredients at home as a DIY protein treatment. If you do not want to go parlor or Salon to take protein treatment, you do not need to worry. You can take a protein treatment yourself. 

For example, a coconut oil massage before going to hair wash. If your scalp is already oily, you can use coconut oil at your hair tips.

Protein Masks

You can do your in-house protein treatments as various protein masks, and deep conditioning products are available in the market. 

It will take only 10 minutes to take such products benefits.

Protein Treatments that you can use at home!

Here are our best picks of protein treatments kits that you can use at home and by yourself. Stylists also recommend these products. 

It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Hair Mask

  • Price – $23
  • Protein type- Wheat Protein
  • Best for – All kinds of Hair
  • Ratings – 5 Star

Aphogee Serious Hair Care Double Bundle

  • Price – $14.79
  • Two-step Protein Treatment
  • Best for – All kinds of Hair
  • Ratings – 4.5 Star

GIOVANNI Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner

  • Price – $14.79
  • Conditioner best for damaged hair
  • Best for – All kinds of Hair
  • Ratings – 4.5 Star

Bottom Line

So this was all about protein treatments. It would be best to give your hair protein treatments to keep them strong, soft, and elastic and deal with hair breakage and other problems. 

I hope you find our article helpful. 

Tell us in the comments what you think of our article, ‘Protein treatment for hair in salon! ‘       

Thank you for reading!

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