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An Estimate On How Much Do Barbershop Owners Make?

If you are willing to start your career as a barber and want to open your own barbershop, you may be looking for the profit a barber earns in an hour, day, month, and year.

But unfortunately, It is not possible to respond to this question with a single number. Because it totally depends on various factors and methods used by barbershop owners. You can surely get some average annual figures, but these figures change gradually according to Barbershop owners’ talent, method, location, etc.

So today, we will try to explain barbershop owners’ income questions like, “How much do a barbershop Owner make? What are the factors that affect his income?” So, let’s get started!

How much do a barbershop Owner make?

According to the data from Job site Indeed, the average annual income of a barbershop owner was $53,654 as of March 2021. But this number changes according to different factors. Surely, some barbers make more money than this figure, and some even less. 

The average annual income in different states is also different. For example, $35,000 in New York, $28,000 in Los Angeles, $26,000 in Dallas and Texas and $32,000 in Atlanta.

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What are the different methods of earning from a barbershop?

As a barbershop owner, which method do you use to earn income? Mainly, there are two methods that barbershop owners use – 

1) Commission base Shops

2) Booth Leasing

Commission base Shops: In commission-based shops, the barbershop owner keeps a cut from earnings from each barber. Mainly, barbershop owners recruit different barbers, and all other expenses of shops and products remain on the owner.

There is a fixed commission-based cut that is decided between barber and owner. Usually, that cut is 70% for the barber and 30% for the owner. For example, if you earn $100 a day at the barbershop, you have to give $300 to the owner as a fixed commission.

The income in this method totally depends on the number of clients. Sometimes the shop has lots of clients resulting in more profit, sometimes less resulting in less revenue.

The income also depends on the barber; the hungrier the barber, the more the income of the barbershop owner and barber. So this method is not stable but can give more profit if it works.

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Booth Leasing: The second method is booth leasing. The Barbershop owner leases the booth to the barber on a fixed weekly rent.

Thus, the Barbershop owner does not have the tension of whether the barber gets clients or not. Through this method, the barbershop owner gets fixed rent. 

This method is stable but only gives a fixed profit. However, if a large number of clients come, the only barber will make a good profit.

So this way, the method you are using affects your earnings from barbershops.

What are the factors that affect the income of barbershop owners?

Not only does the method of your earning from a barbershop play a role in deciding your profit, but various other factors also contribute to deciding your income. These factors are – 

  • Geographic Location – The geographic location of the barbershop. If it is centrally located, then chances of more clients and more money.
  • Competition – How much competition is in your area? If there is significant competition, then the number of clients can divide, and also you may need to cut down prices, resulting in less income.
  • Professional skills – The ability of barbershop owners to maintain a client base. It results in loyal clients and earning from them for a long time.

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Is it worth opening a barbershop rather than working as a barber under someone?

It can surely be worth opening a barbershop rather than working as a barber under someone because the income of barbershop owners can be higher than barbers. 

It is possible to succeed as the owner and primary barber in a small town with relatively few barbershops if you are a skilled and hardworking barber.

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Ensure to do all of your research before opening a barbershop and figure out how much profit you can expect from your business. Also, don’t forget to know about the capital requirements.

Some people might enjoy operating a barbershop and making a solid profit. Others might not enjoy the experience at all. But remember the income always depends on your efforts, the more effort you do, the more you earn.

Bottom Line

So, barbershop owners really make good money, and a barber should consider opening a barbershop but only after having good experience and knowledge of the business

You do not need to worry about money in this field; just explore your knowledge and ideas, and it will lead you to success. Other than that, keep the factors mentioned above in your mind before working as a barber.

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